SAFE & LIGHT VARIO Type Safety Supports

Safety Information / Instructions for use.

I. General introduction

1. It is compulsory that the following important safety information and instructions on use of the above-mentioned safety system are followed, so that the safety supports can contribute towards preventing personal injury, injury to animals and damage to property!

2. This safety information should be posted, and made generally accessible, in all riding facilities or other places where the above-mentioned safety systems are used. Furthermore, the safety system may only be used if an information sticker is available on each support referring to this safety information.

3. Should this safety information no longer be available or become illegible, or if the instructions sticker on the individual safety supports are no longer available or have become illegible, they can be reordered free of charge from the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details).

4. Riding, and particularly horse jumping, involves significant risks for people and animals! These risks can only be reduced with the above-mentioned safety systems for specific areas. Safety supports serve the sole purpose of preventing obstacle poles breaking if the horse falls onto it from above with sufficient force (with a weight of approx. 130–150 kg). If this occurs, the obstacle pole is released by the safety system. This differentiates the safety system from supports without this function.
The safety systems from Beck+Heun GmbH cannot contribute to preventing other accidents (which are relatively frequent in horse riding)!

5. The safety supports only work within the scope of the safety system. This consists of a complete system made up of a safety adapter and the actual support. This safety system can only fulfil the previously described function if the safety adapter and safety support are correctly installed together. This safety system has been exclusively developed for use in horse jumping and may only be used in this sport. So-called keyhole tracks must be installed in the side obstacles for correct installation of the safety system. This is described in the following.

6. The specified safety system can be exclusively used in connection with keyhole tracks which have the following dimensions:

Hole diameter A:
24 mm (tolerance: 1,5 mm)

Distance B of both vertical centre points of the individual holes:
50 mm (tolerance: 3 mm)

Contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details) before using keyhole tracks, in case of any doubt about the suitability of the tracks. Use of tracks is not permitted before the company Beck+Heun GmbH has certified their suitability for use.

7. Use of parts of the safety system in combination with products from other manufacturers is not permitted. Other ­products may not have the necessary safety technology and warning information.


1. Unpack and inspect.

a. Remove the safety support from the packaging. ­Promptly inspect the product visually to establish whether any parts are damaged. Do not use the safety system in case of any doubt and contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details).

b. Check whether all of the parts of the safety (see above – 1. 5.) are complete.

2. Do not keep the packaging material (plastic bags, ­polystyrene packaging etc) within the reach of children as this presents a possible source of danger (poisoning, suffocation etc).

3. If any parts of the safety system are dirty, please clean the individual parts thoroughly before use (refer to the below cleaning instructions in section V.).


1. Before starting to use the product, visually inspect the adapter and the actual safety support promptly to ­establish whether these parts display damages. Do not start to use the safety system in case of any doubt and please contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details).

2. Check the adapter and the support for heavy soiling (earth, grass, stones etc) and clean the individual parts thoroughly before use. If it is not possible to clean the system fully, please contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details) in case of any doubt. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions under section V.

3. Check each safety support to establish whether there is an A sticker available to point out this safety ­information and whether it is legible. If this is not the case, please refrain from using the safety support. Please contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details) to receive a new sticker.


1. Please make sure that the keyhole track described above is mounted tight and straight on the side stands.

2. Mount safety adapter A into the keyhole track with the opening pointing downwards and slide it down until it sits tightly in the anchoring.

3. Insert support B into the opening on the safety adapter provided and press it downwards until it audibly clicks into place.

4. Perform steps 1–3 on each of the opposite side stands.

5. You can only begin to put the pole in place after completing these steps. The pole MUST BE PLACED ENTIRELY in the cup!

6. Use is not permitted at temperatures below -15°C or above +50°C (measured in the direct vicinity of the ­respective obstacle where the safety support is to be used). The functionality of the safety system cannot be guaranteed if these temperatures are exceeded, due to the properties of the plastic.


1. The individual parts of the safety system must be stored between –15°C and +50°C.

2. Please only use warm mains water to clean the product, ­without adding any chemical or biological additives.

3. Should you discover any damages or discolouration when performing visual checks, please contact the company Beck+Heun GmbH (refer to below section VII for contact details). Please refrain from using the system until the company Beck+Heun GmbH has certified that it is safe.


1. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Please observe the local regulations with respect to disposing of the ­packaging material. The parts of the system have also been produced from recyclable materials; these must also be disposed of in accordance with the local ­regulations.

2. It is possible for the company Beck+Heun GmbH to take back any packaging material free of charge. Please ­contact the company using the below contact data (VII.).


1. The safety system has been ­certified by the FEI (Fédération Equestre ­Internationale, Avenue de Rumine 37, 1005 Lausanne, ­Switzerland). The FEI´s rules for show jumping events are to be ­observed. More information is available on this subject at:

2. Contact:
Beck+Heun GmbH
Reinhold-Beck-Straße 2
D-35794 Mengerskirchen
Phone: +49 (0) 6476 9132-0

3. The manufacturer‘s contact details:
Corina Weimer GmbH & Co. KG
Sportplatzweg 10
D-35799 Merenberg