Beck+Heun – Horse jumping manufacture

Here at Beck+Heun, as a competent manufacturer of hight-quality jumping equipment, we have established ourselves into a reliable equestrian sports partner in the fields of sponsor and complete show jumps as well as special training jumps. A diverse range of accessories completes our product range. Through many years of experience – in and around the sport – and the collaboration with well-known partners, our systems are impressive through material quality and technical maturity.

In this Olympic sport we offer the solution for the most rigorous requirements. With our expertise we are always ready to offer you service and assistance.


Our products are created by qualified employees who always consistently their expertise and skills up to date through regular training. To ensure uniform quality, the products are subjected to continuous controls that are oriented to customer and market requirements.

Long term

As a future-oriented company and employer of over 240 people, Beck+Heun is aware of its social and environmental responsibility. This governs more than just how we do business. We are actively involved in aid projects and environmental protection measures.

Environmental protection

“Protecting the environment is expensive, not to preserve it is beyond price”

In its primary corporate objectives, Beck+Heun GmbH has established the assurance of environmentally-friendly organizational structures and production flows in all operational procedures.

Leben Helfen

The foundation Leben Helfen GmbH was established in 1994 by the entire Beck Group to support disadvantaged and troubled people. The foundation is primarily funded by foregoing annual expenditures for Christmas presents to customers and business partners, which instead are donated to the foundation. More information on the foundation’s activities and aid projects is available in our annual information brochure or under

Beck+Heun – Horse jumping manufacture