The quarter cut timber as well as heartwood poles are primed and then painted with high-quality acrylic paints. Poles can be freely selected from the standard product range and the different series. Moreover, custom ­colour adaptations or pole spacing are available on request. Our poles are fitted with end caps on both ends and are available in different lengths. Pole shelves and trailers are offered for storage and transport. When ordering, please specify the desired length dimension. Delivered poles can deviate from the colours shown due to typographical implementation.

Important: When ordering, please specify length measurement required, the item numbers ­change as follows:


The basic jump poles are painted in the standard colours of the RAL colour chart. On request, individual colour range can be implemented in every RAL colour and give the poles a completely personal appearance. The pole partition can also be designed individually on request – there are no limits to the variant diversity.

Important: Delivered poles can deviate from the colours shown due to webbased implementation.

for 350 cm length
8000321 quarter cut timber ∅ 9,5 cm
8000354 heartwood ∅ 10 cm

for 300 cm length
8000321_3M quarter cut timber ∅ 9,5 cm
8000354_3M heartwood ∅ 10 cm

for 400 cm length
8000321_4M quarter cut timber ∅ 9,5 cm
8000354_4M heartwood ∅ 10 cm


Heartwood is the inner wood of a tree. It is heavier and more rigid. It has a significant tendency to crack and warp. This is no cause for complaint. This is no cause for complaint.


Coreless logs have less tension and therefore rarely crack. Cracking or warping cannot be excluded and are no cause for complaint.


8000760for heartwood ∅ 10 cm
8000761for quarter cut timber ∅ 9,5 cm


8000399Soft-Pole 300 x 10 x 10 cm
Available Colours: yellow, orange, red, light blue, green, and black