What does a sponsor jump cost?

Adapted to the corporate design, there is no high limit in the price category for sponsor jumps. Depending on design, the side parts are manufactured of different construction materials, such as wood, aluminium, Residor® or Styropor®. Advertising elements can be painted as well as foiled or applied with laser printing. In addition, the price increases depending on the selection of the inner workings (poles, fillers, gates or planks). The basis for a sponsor jump are the models that you will find under the category Basic models for fast advertising. Here the prices for custom advertising designs are added to the prices of the blank models. We would be pleased to advise you! Our contact persons would be pleased to advise you with regard to your individually designed sponsor jump.


What is the difference between quarter cut timber and heartwood?

The difference between heartwood and quarter cut timber is described in detail on page 63 in the category Accessories/jump poles. Please read this information carefully. Wood is a natural product and thus it is constantly in motion, and under the influence of weather cracking cannot be avoided; it does not constitute grounds for complaint!

How is payment made? Invoice/payment in advance?

For first-time customers and customers in foreign countries we require payment in advance. Production and shipping starts after payment is received.

Is delivery possible? If yes, when and how fast?

We deliver with our in-house logistics service and with reliable freight forwarding partners. Delivery time depends on the desired products
and receipt of payment.Our contact persons would be pleased to provide more precise information or answer further questions.

Is there a catalogue in printed form?

Yes there is a complete catalogue in printed as well as digital form. You can download the digital version as PDF under the header Catalogue, or you can order the print version.

Any question?